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Versatile Elevator (Not including pizza stone)

The versatile Elevator (Not including pizza stone) works perfectly for different sizes of kamado from 16" to 26", for perfectly grilled food, simply set the grid elevator inside your grill and place the grid on the top. This item will allow your food to be cooked further away from the heat source.

In combination with the Pizza stone which is Heatproof to at least 300 degrees this item will sit inside your Kamado on the fire bowl and protect your meat which will be sat on the cooking grill above enabling you to cook your food “low and slow” for hours.

This is a must have accessory for your Kamado grill, that enables you to cook brilliant crispy base pizzas on your Kamado, simply place the ceramic Pizza stone on your elevator, grill and heat it up to temperature and then place your pizza directly onto the stone.

Veratile Elevator

Material: Stainless steel  

SE-VE-16(Fit for 16") 

Dimension: 15*15*6.5CM                

N.W: 0.3KG                 

Package size: 31.5*27*11CM

Fit with 228 MM Pizza Stone

SE-VE-18(Fit for 18"/19")

Dimension: 34*34*10.5CM                

N.W: 0.35KG               

Package size:32*35*11CM 

Fit with 280 MM Pizza Stone

SE-VE-21(Fit for 21"/22")

Dimension:  41*41*10.5CM                

N.W: 0.4KG                 

Package size:41*42*11CM

Fit with 360 MM Pizza Stone

SE-VE-23.5(Fit for 23.5"/24")

Material: Stainless steel

Dimension One:  46*46*11.7CM

N.W: 0.65KG               

Package size:42.5*46.5*13CM

Fit with 380 MM Pizza Stone 

SE-VE-26(Fit for 26")

Dimension 48*47*10cm

N.W:   0.8KG

Package size: 49*48*11CM

Fit with 420 MM Pizza Stone